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Stay up to date with our journey. We will need your help as we are off to build a safe new world in space!

About the Fuzzies


The year was 2020. In a single, emergency message broadcast to all inhabitants, it became clear that Earth as we knew it was beginning to change forever. After each passing day things just continued to get worse and worse. Crime, Hate, War, Greed, Weather, Sickness – Everything that could possibly go wrong did. Ultimately, these tragic events began to take over the humanoids inhabiting their planet. It was a dark time.

By 2022, Earth was no longer a safe place to live. And the need for a fresh start was undeniable for those who had the intelligence to recognize it.

In a small corner of the world, a group of lab-generated and experimental humanoid hybrids code named Species 4321 began to develop. Their keen sense of purpose and awareness gave birth to an extreme collective intelligence inside of their growing community.

As the world around them tore itself apart, one lively 4321 by the name of Arthur T. Elliott gathered together his closest companions and began to map-out a plan to establish a safe, new habitat. He would call this group of companions The Council of Elders.

Along with his dear friend, historian and First Councilor of Elders named Cornelius Comet, Arthur gathered up anything and everything he could find to guide his fellow humanoid hybrids to safety.

First on Arthur’s list was to name his unnamed species. He recognized that concepts like: Friendship, Community, Inclusiveness, Encouragement, Morality, Grit, Giving and Fortitude all represented what Species 4321 stood for, as well as what they wanted to preserve in a safe, new world.

Arthur and Cornelius searched the history books for names that spoke to those values and landed on Fuzzies: a peaceful, cheerful and descriptive word that embodied everything they wanted to be known for. No longer would this amazing community be referred to simply as Species 4321. They would forevermore be known throughout the galaxy as Fuzzies!

Fuzzies would be a community centered around Mental Well-Being, Hope. Understanding and Innovation. Fuzzies would be much more than just technology and art. The roadmap Fuzzies would build would be filled with real world application! They would not just be another community looking for the next big payout or a community with no IRL value.

Arthur, Cornelius and The Council of Elders began their journey into space on June 14th, 2022, powered by Blockchain. Their mission: to map-out a roadmap that would lead them to a safe new world!

As they now travel safe through space, Arthur and The Council of Elders want to bring as many beings with them as possible. Arthur and Cornelius have identified a way to include 10,001 Fuzzy PFPs on their journey to their safe, new world.

Upon landing in their safe, new world, Arthur, Cornelius and The Council of Elders will not be able to build alone. Each of the 10,001 Fuzzies will have a say in everything that is built.

Arthur has a dream, a clear vision and wants all who read this to join him in this journey! Profit and Safety will be had by all. Fuzzies is a true community based on real actions, real worth and real purpose. All Fuzzies will enjoy the fruits of their labors. Together, we will build a truly safe, prosperous and inclusive new world. #WeAreSafe

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Arthur T. Elliot

Co-founder Navigator

Arthur T. Elliott has spent the last 24 years as a leader in tech. He has been a part of every technology revolution, from Web 1 to Web 3 and everything in-between. He has led the way, with numerous innovations and IRL applications.

Arthur holds several patents in SDK, App Integration and Medical Advancements. He brings his vast experience and leadership capabilities to navigate the Web 3 world. As The Navigator, Arthur will guide the Fuzzies to create a safe new world.

Apart from his aforementioned experience and accolades, Arthur loves animals, spending time with his amazing family, friends and coaching some of the most elite influencers on the planet. Oh… and one last thing: Arthur T. Elliott is a total sci-fi nerd who may or not have every single episode of StarTrek memorized. ALL of them lol. #WeAreSafe

Cornelius Comet

Co-founder Historian

Cornelius Comet lives at the nexus of technology, entertainment, art, culture, history and business. As Keeper of the Scrolls, none are better suited to protect, prolong and prognosticate the Fuzzies World than he.

Cornelius' deep knowledge of the past allows him to see the future and work toward bringing that future into the present moment. For more than 15 years Cornelius has created cultural movements, produced large festivals and birthed numerous events. He is obsessed with bringing incredible beings together, especially when those beings otherwise would never have met to begin with.

Fundamentally, he is a curator of all things cool and interesting. When he's not discovering or creating the next big thing, you're likely to find Cornelius enjoying his latest form of transportation and drinking way too much coffee. #WeAreSafe

Megan Parrie

Lead Artist

Megan Parrie is the youngest of the Fuzzy explorers, as she is just 16 years old. She is one of the most artistically gifted Fuzzies on this exploration team and is the creator of all the soon-to-be launched PFPs.

This will be the first time in Megan's young life that her work is shared with the galaxy at large! Megan loves to learn, create, and share her passion for art with the world.<

She has excelled in school and risen to the top of her class. Her communication skills are second to none; and, her understanding of the Fuzzies' way of life is something all aspire to achieve. She was hand-picked by Arthur T. Elliott as the one to create all the Fuzzies that will be landing so very soon! #WeAreSafe